Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials

Information for Teachers & PTAs

Who can visit? When may you visit? How do you get an appointment?

Current full-time teachers and PTA / PTSA presidents in Miami-Dade County Public Schools are eligible to visit the Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials warehouse.

Teachers and PTA / PTSA presidents are entitled to one visit every six months. If you have never visited the Ocean Bank Center, you may request a pass by clicking on the tab labeled Online Pass Request. You may request a pass two months prior to the six-month period.

To shop for free supplies at the Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials warehouse, complete a pass request online.

Once you receive your pass, you may...

  • Visit the Ocean Bank Center on your designated shopping day and fill a shopping cart with 100 points worth of supplies.
  • During your visit you will be asked to complete a survey, detailing how the supplies will be used.
  • Request another pass on-line every six months. 

Stacey de la Grana 
Vice President of Programs and Ocean Bank Center Director

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