The Education Fund provides private sector leadership and support for innovation in public education. We design and implement initiatives that involve the entire community in improving our schools.

Wells Fargo is partnering with The Education Fund to host the annual Teach-A-Thon, which challenges local business leaders to each teach for an hour in a Miami-Dade County public school to raise awareness about the importance of educators and public-school funding.

Miami business leaders stepping up to take the public school teaching challenge Wells Fargo teams up with The Education Fund on the Teach-A-Thon

MIAMI – The Education Fund, a nonprofit organization that develops innovative programs for public schools in Miami-Dade County, is challenging business leaders to test their savvy and skill and teach an hour in a local public school.

The Education Fund’s Teach-A-Thon, presented by Wells Fargo is all about understanding the job of a teacher and what is happening in our public school classrooms. The only way to really know about the job is to do it BUT ONLY FOR AN HOUR.

Who is stepping up to the teaching challenge? Wells Fargo, Assurant, Saponznik Insurance, and South Florida Business Journal are all in and they’re helping The Education Fund recruit local business executives.

The Teach-A-Thon experience spans all grades K-12, and all professions. Each volunteer or Teacher Champion selects the grade level, subject, and geographic area where they want to teach. Each volunteer is matched with a public school teacher who helps them prepare a lesson and teach a class.

By participating, the Teacher Champions learn what it’s like to be a teacher. The Education Fund’s goals are for each Teach-A-Thon volunteer to share their experience in the classroom, spread the word about why the community needs to better support our teachers, and raise needed funds for public school classrooms.

Already, many top executives have committed, including: Hector Ponte, Wells Fargo; Rachel Sapoznik, Sapoznik Insurance; Melanie Dickinson, SFBJ; Nick Tootle, Kaufman Rossin; Beth Bailey, Verizon; Ana Veiga Milton, Jose Milton Foundation; Zack Bush, Ball and Chain; Carlos Orta, Carnival Corporation; Penny Schaffer, Florida Blue; Jose Mallea, Biscayne Bay Brewing Company; Phillis Oeters, Baptist Health; Ernest Modock, Ford Motor Company; Alan Alvarez, Miami Marlins; and 50 others.

The goal is 200 participants signed up by the end of August, with a kickoff at the beginning of October at the Biltmore Hotel, and teaching occurring any time between mid-October and mid-December.

“We’re asking everyone to consider participating. The experience will open your eyes to the experiences teachers have every day and, and you’ll feel energized – at least for the hour you spend in the classroom. And, everyone walks away with a story about what it is like to teach – which is the purpose,” says Linda Lecht, president of The Education Fund.

The deadline for business people to sign-up is Friday, August 31 at or by emailing Kirsten Lyon at with your contact information and your preferences: 1) school level (elementary, middle or high school), subject(s), and geographic area in Miami-Dade. For more information, call Kirsten Lyon at 305-558-4544 ext. 108.


About The Education Fund: The Education Fund’s current initiatives, including Food Forests for Schools, Ideas with IMPACT, Teach-A-Thon, Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials, SmartPath, For The Love of Art Annual Charity Auction and Taste of Education, bring innovative methods to our schools, inform the community about public education, and encourage private sector investment in public education. A winner of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s NOVO Award for non-profit excellence, The Education Fund’s investments to improve public education have totaled more than $52 million. The Education Fund’s goal is to ensure all students succeed. Visit

With funding for public education always in question every legislative session, it’s evident that local, state, and federal governments can’t be the sole funding sources.

The task of educating our youth falls on all of us. Individual and corporate giving has become essential to ensuring the best education possible. Our local schools need not just dollars. (3/27/2016)