The Education Fund provides private sector leadership and support for innovation in public education. We design and implement initiatives that involve the entire community in improving our schools.

Ocean Bank, a steadfast champion of education and leading contributor to The Education Fund, has pledged $300,000 that will spearhead the continuing work of the Ocean Bank Center For Educational Materials through 2022.

Ocean Bank, firme defensor de la educación y destacado contribuyente de The Education Fund, se ha comprometido a aportar $300,000 que impulsarán la labor constante del Ocean Bank Center For Educational Materials hasta 2022.

After 25 years and more than a million miles on Florida’s highways, the Support Education specialty license plate has a fresh look. While the design is new, the cause remains the same – when a Florida resident purchases or renews their Support Education specialty tag, $20 goes directly back to support schools, teachers and students in the county where the tag is registered. In Miami Dade County, the funds support the work of The Education Fund, a nonprofit headquartered in Miami Lakes that serves students and teachers in Miami Dade County public schools.