The Education Fund provides private sector leadership and support for innovation in public education. We design and implement initiatives that involve the entire community in improving our schools.

With the help of sponsors and donors, The Education Fund has been able to distribute nearly $3 million in materials and food produce benefitting more than 90,415 families, 60 schools and 1,500 teachers, said Linda Lecht, president of The Education Fund.

Ford and Argo AI self-driving cars are being used by The Education Fund, a nonprofit that supports Miami-Dade schools, to deliver food and supplies.

Since the start of the pandemic, our team has been looking for ways to continue to safely support Miami families. The Education Fund team is proud to announce we are working with Ford Motor Company and it's self-driving tech partner Argo AI, to make autonomous vehicle deliveries. The pilot program is supporting 50 families who are receiving weekly "contactless" deliveries of food and school supplies via Ford's Fusion Hybrid self-driving test vehicles.

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