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When The Education Fund launched our Student Power Grant program to promote student civic engagement, we saw a 45% increase in the belief that citizens have a  large responsibility to take part in the civic process and a 92% increase in the number of students who had ever contacted an elected official. Students tackled issues of their own choosing, including mental health, bullying, the school-to-prison pipeline, and voter registration. Students learned that their voices can be heard, that their voices are loud, and that their voices are powerful.

To further this momentum, our CIVICS PODCAST grant will help students broadcast their voices through podcasts. Our grant will provide teachers with the funds necessary to purchase equipment for students to produce their podcast and the platform to share them with their peers, their community, and the world! 

Student podcasts can cover a variety of pertinent topics such as pandemic management, vaping, gun laws, social media, bullying, and environmental issues - but ultimately the students will select relevant issues of most concern to them. 

Students naturally migrate toward integrating technology into their daily activities and for communicating their experiences. While everyone has a camera in their pocket, not everyone knows how to plan, produce, script, edit, and distribute their work.


  • First-time recipients will receive a $500 Grant +  $250 Stipend
  • Second-time recipients will receive a $250 Grant + $250 Stipend (use equipment you purchased in first year, additional funds to purchase other items needed, snacks for your students, etc.)

Funds can be used to purchase podcast recording kits (less than $300), and video creation, editing and script dictation software packages. The Education Fund will provide a podcast platform for you to upload your students' podcasts. You are encouraged to attend the free Idea Expo Workshop on OCTOBER 22, 2022 that will provide training on technical details, interviewing techniques and more.

Please note: We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you compose the body of your grant application first in a document such as MS Word, before cutting and pasting it into the online application template. APPLICATION CANNOT BE SAVED while you are in the process of composing online, and applications have been lost in the past during this process and through technical-related interruptions, such as server disconnections.


Please read through these procedures and considerations before starting your application:

  1. Approval is required from your school principal to ensure that appropriate administrative personnel are aware of your submission of the grant application.
  2. Project funds must be spent during the current school year.
  3. A final expense report will be required.
  4. The Education Fund reserves the right to publicize all grant programs.
  5. Each teacher may submit only one proposal; however, if a teacher is part of a team for one proposal, the teacher is not prohibited from submitting another proposal as part of a different team or on their own.

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