Virtual Teach-A-Thon

Application for Teachers in M-DCPS


The Education Fund Teach-A-Thon is an opportunity to have a business professional come into your classroom virtually!

It’s also a chance to have someone other than you teach a STEM or STEAM or Financial Literacy lesson! We have business professionals who want to bring a STEM or STEAM or Financial Literacy lesson to life by connecting the subject to the world of work.

Your students will see the relevance of the subject as business people explain real-world applications. And, the business people will discover why we need to support our public schools.

Plus, the participating business people are committed to telling their colleagues about their experience to raise funds for participating classrooms.*

*50% of funds raised will be divided evenly among participating classrooms and 50% will help fund The Education Fund’s support of teachers and our public schools. Apply now and you can help your classroom and The Education Fund!

Teach-A-Thon Challenge Application for Teachers in M-DCPS
School Location Information
School Level:
Program Information
Has your principal approved your participation in the Teach-A-Thon?
Are you willing to contact a business professional? (email, cellphone, etc.)
Are you willing to give a lesson plan to or review a lesson plan written by a business professional?
Are you willing to schedule a time convenient for your business professional to teach virtually?
(Must be between the dates of Oct. 30 - Feb. 28)
Additional Information
Have you participated in any other programs sponsored by The Education Fund? Please select all that apply.
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