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Disseminator Application

Do you have a successful teaching idea or project that you want to share with other educators? Apply now to be a Disseminator and lead an online workshop at the 2023 Idea Expo Teacher Conference. You'll also be featured in the next Ideas with IMPACT catalog to be published in  Fall 2023. 


Teachers selected as Disseminators receive honorariums/stipends of $800.

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one consultation to guide you through the application process, CLICK HERE 

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  • All Miami-Dade County Public Schools' educators working with students in any subject area.

Selection Criteria

  • Applications accepted for pre-K-12 projects in all subject areas. 
  • STEM/STEAM projects (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics), ELA, Social Sciences/Civics, Classroom Management, Social Emotional Learning, Holocaust studies, Robotics; Financial Literacy and Health & Wellness

Ideas with IMPACT Network Benefits

  • Ideas with IMPACT assists teachers in marketing their ideas to other teachers
  • Disseminators gain recognition among their colleagues and the community.   
  • Teachers' ideas are highlighted in the Ideas with IMPACT catalog which is sent to 20,000+ teachers and principals in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and also found online at                     


Have Questions? Contact:
Audrey Onyeike

Program Director
Ideas With IMPACT
Email Audrey

NOTE: All questions must be completed for consideration. It is recommended that you write your proposal in a Word document or in another format that can be saved. Then cut and paste your text into the online form below.

In addition, a high-resolution digital photo representing your project as well as a photo of you (official school headshot preferred) must be uploaded with your application.

General Information
Last Name
First Name
Project Title: (Short, creative, and descriptive)
Project Grade Level
Project Subject Area
Can this project be adapted to other subject area(s)?
If so, list other subject areas
Can this project be adapted to other grade levels?
If so, list grade level(s).
What is the total number of students that you teach?
Teaching Assignment:
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Dissemination Information

Disseminators receive stipends of $750 for the time they spend to do the following:

(Please check “Yes” to confirm you're willing to undertake these activities.) a. Make an instructional booklet on how to implement your project b. Present one or more workshops on your project at the Idea EXPO
What is the source of your idea? (Please specify if it was originally an Innovator Grant or another grant?)
How has this project benefited your students' academic achievement? (ie. test scores, attendance, attitude changes, student projects, etc.)
What is the estimated cost for a teacher to adapt the project? Please give a low- and high-end estimate (should not exceed $400).

Curriculum Idea Profile

The questions below create a consistent format within which you may create a profile of your project. If you are selected, this ONE-page profile will be used as the primary copy in showcasing your idea in next year’s Ideas with IMPACT catalog.

Curriculum Area(s): List one or two areas of major focus.
The Project: Describe your project clearly and concisely. Start with a one-sentence description of the purpose of the project. Elaborate with examples of what students do and learn. Provide at least one detailed example of a classroom activity.
Standards: List at least 4 Florida Standards your project addresses.
The Students: Tell how many students participate in the project, including grade or age, level of achievement, and how often they meet. State whether or not the project can be adapted to other ages or achievement levels, and/or used with larger or smaller groups.
The Staff: Give your teaching experience; mention awards and/or grants. How long have you used the project? Do you need assistants (paraprofessionals, volunteers)?
Materials: Describe the setup (space, equipment) and materials needed (books, supplies). Mention materials you have prepared for teachers interested in adapting your project.
Resources: Include such resources as field trips, use of school media center, public library, the Internet, contributions and loans from parents or institutions, and guest speakers.
Overall Value: Write a few sentences that sell your project. Describe the project’s best features, innovative aspects and contributions to student achievement (cognitive and affective). Explain why teachers would want to adapt it for their classes.
List 5 things teachers will learn in your Expo workshop about how to teach your ideas to their students.
Are you willing and able to lead this workshop virtually if The Idea Expo is unable to gather physically?

Please upload a color photograph suitable for reproduction that projects a visual statement of your project. Ideal images include a close-up photo of 1-2 students working on a project, smiling, and looking at the camera. Multiple images may be uploaded.
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If your project is selected, both you and your project will be featured in the 2018-2019 Ideas with IMPACT catalog. Please upload a quality, high-res photo of yourself.
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