Designed to recognize and reward innovative teachers, IMPACT II is an investment in success that brings out the entrepreneur in our classroom teachers. IMPACT II provides teachers who have developed successful classroom teaching methods with funds to package and export their curriculum. IMPACT II also provides stipends to teachers who wish to adapt and franchise these winning ideas in their own classrooms. By cultivating teacher leaders, convening teachers to share best practices and creating opportunities for teachers' professional growth, IMPACT II creates a network of support for teachers focused on improving student instruction and meeting student needs. The beneficiaries are the students who receive classroom instruction proven to excite learning and increase achievement.

The IMPACT II program has a variety of components that include the following:

IMPACT II Idea EXPO-The Teacher ConferenceSaturday, Dec. 2, 2017 at the Miami Airport Convention Center
One of the largest "by-teacher, for-teacher" conferences in South Florida, the Idea EXPO brings more than 700 educators together once a year to network and share teaching strategies. The EXPO features more than 90 workshops led by teachers, a keynote address and master teaching session by a nationally renowned educator, free curriculum Packets, lunch, and much more. Find out more now!

Join us at the 2017 Idea EXPO!

Ideas with IMPACT Catalog   
An essential component to the IMPACT II program is the Ideas with IMPACT catalog, which is published and distributed annually to every teacher in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. This catalog is a resource of teachers' proven ideas, with each page containing a different teaching strategy, information on the students for whom it is appropriate, standards met when implementing the lessons, and contact information for each Disseminator teacher. The teaching ideas, created by teachers for teachers, in the Ideas With IMPACT catalog can be used exactly as they are or modified to meet a classroom's special needs. Subject areas covered include language arts, math/science, social studies, health, technology, varying exceptionalities, and interdisciplinary. Teachers are encouraged to use the catalog as an idea file and keep it handy for reference throughout the year. IMPACT II catalogs are available for every year since 1990. Download the latest catalog.

IMPACT II Innovator Grant
Application deadline: Oct. 9, 2017
Innovator Grants provide funds to teachers to develop and implement instructional projects that motivate and challenge students to learn. Proposals should be a unique classroom project that enliven and enrich the curriculum. Many past grants have included interdisciplinary, active-learning lessons. Others have reinforced learning through simulations or applied school work to real-life situations. Grants range from $200 - $1,000. Click here for the application.

IMPACT II Adapter Grant
Application deadline: Dec. 11, 2017
Adapter Grants provide funds to teachers wishing to adapt any of the projects featured in our Ideas with IMPACT catalogs or at the IMPACT II Idea EXPO. Grants range from $150-$400. Here are the application steps:

  1. Select an idea from one of the Ideas with IMPACT catalogs.
  2. Contact the Disseminator listed on the project page of the catalog to request an Idea Packet and discuss with them your ideas for creatively modifying the project.
  3. Complete and submit an Adapter application. Be sure to include your creative modifications.

Idea Packets
An Idea Packet containing course outlines, lesson plans, resource lists, bibliographies, student worksheets, student samples, and other tools is available free of charge for each Disseminator. To obtain one, contact the Disseminator listed on that profile page in the catalog. To see Idea Packets from previous years, click here. 

IMPACT II Disseminator Stipend
Application deadline: May 15, 2017
Disseminator Stipends offer teachers who have a successful teaching strategy, the opportunity to package and market their ideas to other teachers. Click here for the application.

IMPACT II Leadership Workshop (free)TBA
Date and location - TBA
We will show you tips on how to prepare your Disseminator Stipend application and we'll even provide breakfast! Here's what we will cover:

  1. How to develop a well-written and thorough application.
  2. Preparing an Idea Packet containing instructional materials for your teaching project.
  3. Producing a visual display to promote your teaching project
  4. Presenting a 50-minute workshop on your teaching project at the IMPACT II Idea EXPO - The Teacher Conference.
  5. Documenting and following up on all inquiries for information on the project.


Edwina Lau
Program Director, IMPACT II


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