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Since 1985, The Education Fund has worked side-by-side with the private sector to direct resources where they are needed most in Miami-Dade schools. Our mission is to design and implement initiatives to improve our schools and bring excellence to public education in Miami-Dade.

The Education Fund's first program awarded mini-grants to classroom teachers. Today, we operate up to a dozen initiatives at any given time, ranging from small grants programs to large-scale school improvement initiatives, all aimed at increasing student achievement.

Together, these programs benefit all of the 390+ schools, 22,000+ teachers and 340,000+ students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Our Results:

The Education Fund's Teach-A-Thon

Featured Programs:

The Education Fund's Teach-A-Thon

increases public awareness of the critical role that teachers play in student achievement. Business professionals from across the county learn about the real challenges of teaching, gather support pledges from colleagues and then experience firsthand the difficulties and rewards of a day in the classroom. Participants gain a deeper understanding for teachers, teaching quality and its impact on student success.
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