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Since 1985, The Education Fund has worked side-by-side with the private sector to direct resources where they are needed most in Miami-Dade schools. Our mission is to design and implement initiatives to improve our schools and bring excellence to public education in Miami-Dade.

The Education Fund's first program awarded mini-grants to classroom teachers. Today, we operate up to a dozen initiatives at any given time, ranging from small grants programs to large-scale school improvement initiatives, all aimed at increasing student achievement.

Together, these programs benefit all of the 390+ schools, 22,000+ teachers and 340,000+ students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Our Results:

Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials

Featured Programs:

Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials

makes surplus inventory and supplies donated by the business community available for free to every public school teacher in Miami-Dade County. Thus far, more than $6.1 million in materials has been collected, benefiting more than 900,000 students.
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